This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every Week I compile a list of articles from around the web that caught my attention. Check out this week’s list, there’s bound to be something here that interests you:

1. “Is Christian Teaching on Sexuality Psychologically Harmful?” by Andrew Walker and Glenn Stanton

This is a good piece coming out of the wake of one young gay teen’s tragic suicide. In the aftermath of that suicide many were quick to blame Christianity. While they don’t attempt to speak to this specific case, they recognize that a lot of politicization has gone into the overall claim. They not only argue that Christian parents generally do a better job of loving their openly gay Children, but they argue that this is precisely how the gospel calls us to respond. They give some helpful insights, and advice to Christian parents.

2. “Con Campbell on Advances in the Study of Greek” by Michael Bird

Constantine Campbell is brilliant! In this video the scholar talks about his new book that aims to make the advances in the last 30 years of Greek studies accessible to a wider audience. I am looking forward to its release, and to getting my hands on a copy.

3. “Why Joshua Harris Kissed His Megachurch Goodbye” by Morgan Lee

The title is a bit on the click bait side, but the article explains Harris’ recent resignation from Covenant Life Church. The answer: he is attending seminary. He parts on good terms and, I believe, has good motivations before him. This piece also touches on the dangers that have developed within the Sovereign Grace ministries organization from a lack of good theological education at its foundations.

4. “Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Fighting for Purity (and Not Watching 50 Shades of Grey)” by Heath Lambert

A good reminder that the fight against lust is a serious spiritual battle. 50 Shades of Grey glamorizes and attempts to romanticize violence! It is not love, it is not the communion of souls. I appreciate Heath’s directness and compassion in this post.

5. “Engaging Those Who Experience Same-Sex Attraction” by Jonathan

Four interviews with Christians who have experienced this struggle answer the question, “how can the church engage believers and unbelievers who experience a same-sex attraction.” Everyone should watch this. Rosaria Butterfield’s interview is particularly insightful.

6. “Maintaining Intimacy with God in Ministry” by Bob Johnson

I am so thankful for my senior pastor and for the 25 years of his faithful ministry that God has used to shape our church. I have only been a part of this congregation for less than two years, but I have reaped the benefits of his faithful ministry here. In this piece for 9 Marks Bob helps young pastors think about how they can maintain intimacy with God in long-term pastoral ministry. I would heed his advice.

7. “The Do’s and Don’ts of Jazz According to Gregory Porter” by Kitty Knowles

I love Gregory Porter! I love jazz! In this interview for GQ the Grammy Award winning vocalist gives readers the inside scoop on jazz etiquette. Also follow his rapid history of jazz and listen to all his recommendations.

8. “3 Female Ghosts that Haunt the Church” by Jen Wilkin

Jen writes a very important piece here for pastors and church leaders. She writes about three views on women in ministry that haunt churches and “cripple the ability of men and women to minister to and with one another.” This is a great piece to encourage women in ministry and to guide the men who help lead them in ministry.

9. “What’s Really Behind the Vaccine Debate?” by Linda Abujamra

This is a great post! It does not address what this medical doctor believes about vaccines, that is rather obvious. Instead it makes 5 observations about the vaccine debate. Each is an important point of clarification and helps us to see how the Bible connects to this debate.

10. “You Cannot Serve Both God and Theology” by Marshall Segal

An important reminder: Theology will kill you if it does not kindle a deep and abiding love for the God of the Bible, and if it does not inspire a desire for his glory, and not ultimately our own.

11. “Three Keys to Godly Friendship” by Dave Jenkins

Since this is an ongoing topic of interest to me I was curious to read Dave’s piece. It’s a good piece that pictures what loyal friendship looks like in the Bible and gives us some principles to guide us in the making of friends. Check it out.

12. “25 Years of a Godly Pastor’s Ministry” by Dave Dunham

This is a piece I wrote over at The Southern Ohio Pastor’s Coalition blog. It celebrates my senior pastor, who has served faithfully at our church for 25 years, but it also seeks to clarify what makes a godly pastor. Check it out.

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