Next Week

nextweek2Here’s what you’ll miss if you don’t check back next week at  Pastor Dave Online:

1) Why Study Leviticus for a year?

Every year I pick a topic to study for the year and this is my topic for 2015. Next week I’ll explain why I have chosen this book and how I aim to go about studying it this year.

2) Biblical Help for the angry Person: Understanding Anger

As we continue this series we will explore more particularly the origin of anger, its nature, and the processes by which it appears in our own lives.

3) Celebrating What God Is Doing: Recovery Celebration Event

At the end of this month CBC will be hosting our annual Recovery Celebration Event to celebrate what God has bending doing in the lives of the folks involved in this ministry. Next week I’ll give some more details on this upcoming event.

4) The Reality of Following Jesus: It’s Costly

The firs to our principles regarding the reality of following Jesus addresses Jesus’ call to “take up your cross”. Following Christ is costly.

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