This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I compile a list of interesting articles from around the web. Check out this week’s list and see if anything here interests you:

1. “Taking Aim at the Seven Deadly Sins” by Brian Hedges

My friend Brian lets readers peak inside his new book from Cruciform Press. Check out this little excerpt from Hit List and then, buy the book. It’s well worth your time.

2. “Redeeming Theology” by Whitney Woollard

This author breaks down the false dichotomy between doing theology and loving God. Listing several reasons that believers who shy away from theology will be misguided in their love and obedience to God, the author unpacks the importance of theology for our life of faith.

3. “The Best Books I Read This Year” by Russell Moore

Dr. Moore’s end-of-year list is quite eclectic. Theology, history, cultural criticism, and fiction all make their way onto his list. I was pleased to see my friend Karen Swallow Prior’s new book on here, as well as Jamie Smith’s conversation with Charles Taylor. Readers will enjoy this list as it represents a diversity of interests.

4. “How I Select and Schedule Discipling Relationships” by Greg Spraul

Spraul is one of the elders at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. He has made it his goal to have at least one meeting per day. As a non-staff elder, a family man, and a full-time employee he recognizes the challenges that discipling others can present to your schedule, or rather that your schedule can present to these relationships. So here in this post he outlines a plan for prioritizing these meetings and making them happen. A worthwhile read for all those who are not in full-time ministry, but who know they should be making disciples.

5. “Does Your Church Like Gay People?” by Wesley Hill

Wesley Hill offers some thought-provoking ideas and strategies here for being a church that is welcoming to the LGBT community. Raining from sermon illustrations to the classes we offer he raises our awareness of the need to be intentional, but most importantly he asks us this question: Are we asking about how to welcome them because we feel that we must, or is it that we really do want these people among us because they’re our neighbors and friends? That’s a supremely important question and one that makes all the difference in how we minister to our friends. This is yet another beautiful piece from Hill.

6. “11 Books I Want to Read in 2015” by Aaron Armstrong

Aaron maps out some interesting looking works coming out this year. If I were making out my own list I would add Wes Hill’s new book, but otherwise this is a good list. I am equally excited to read Trillia’s forthcoming new work. Check out the list and plan to add these to your must-reads for 2015.

7. “The Church Needs Men and Women to be Friends” by Jen Wilkin

Jen has written another fantastic piece for TGC. In this post she says not simply that men and women “can” be friends within the proper boundaries, but rather that men and women “must” be friends for the health of the church. I love this piece and it’s boldness. I am especially grateful for my female friends. Their wisdom and assistance has shaped me in positive ways, I believe and served me well as a man, a Christian, and a pastor.

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