This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperHere are some of the more interesting articles from around the web this week. Check them out, there’s bound to be something on this list that interests you:

1. “LOL Interwebz: Kirk Cameron’s Saving of ‘Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas’” by Luke T. Harrington

Luke has such a knack both for witty writing and insightful cultural commentary. In this piece he targets Kirk Cameron’s rather shallow understanding of the Christmas celebration, particularly as it relates to the support for his newest movie. Good thoughts not just for Kirk to chew on, but for all of us to think about too.

2. “The Role of Beauty in the Formation of Men as Men” by Jared Silvey

YES! I loved this piece and the stress on the philosophical concept of beauty in the formation of noble and honorable, and spiritual men. Silvey does a great job of pushing contemporary readers to see the reductionist form of educating men we presently utilize. The current trend is to emphasize a form of masculinity that doesn’t simply shy away from the beautiful, but is utterly embarrassed by it. Silvey, instead, impresses upon us a more holistic picture of masculine formation. I applaud the writing of this piece and am exciting to chew on it some more.

3. “Temptation, Jesus, Sin, and Same Sex Attraction” by David Prince

Prince gives a good healthy response to some of the criticisms of the “gay celibate Christian” conversation. There are those who argue that attraction itself is sinful, but Prince suggests here that there is an importance distinction between temptation and actual sin that must not be conflated. I continue to wrestle with this subject myself and appreciate the multitude of voices discussing it at present. Prince’s article coincides much with the Matthew Lee Anderson piece from several week’s ago. It’s worth a careful reading.

4. “Bye-Bye Bible?: A Progress Report on the Death of Scripture” by Robert Yarbrough

A helpful look at the liberal criticisms of the Evangelical view of Scripture and its contemporary failures. In particular Yarbrough looks at three works that survey the history of Bible criticism and draw similar conclusions regarding their fruitlessness. Yarbrough does great summary work here alongside advocating for the Evangelical position on Scripture.

5. “Is it Okay for Christians to Identify as Divorced?” by Ron Belgau

Belgau raises a question here about Christians identifying as divorced in order to help draw some conclusions about Christians identifying as “Gay.” I am not sure if I buy the comparison, it’s not a perfect parallel. Yet, he does use the conversation to springboard into a discussion about opening lines of communication with the LGBT community. He urges more empathy and “meeting people where they are.” I think he dismisses some of the questions at the heart of this discussion, but his voice continues to add to this conversation.

6. “Why You Should Read Bavinck” by Derek Rishmawy

Over at The Gospel Coalition my friend Derek impresses upon us the value of reading the great Dutch Reformed Theologian. For those of you looking for a big reading project, and a worthwhile one, next year, I recommend letting Derek sway you.

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