This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperEvery week I compile a list of interesting articles from around the web. Check out this week’s list, there’s bound to be something interesting on it for you:

1. “What’s Wrong with Reparative Therapy?” by Heath Lambert

I love this post from Dr. Lambert. I firmly believe that RT is destructive and unbiblical. I am thankful for Dr. Lambert’s explanation of the failures of this approach to counseling.

2. “How Not To Read the News” by Daniel Darling

Yes, yes to all three of these important points from Darling. Christians need to be better readers of the news than we often are, and Darling’s post gives us some practical things to do.

3. “Walking with the Dead: Trying Makes a Difference” by Dave Dunham

My latest column for CAPC on the AMC’s hit The Walking Dead. This article discusses episode six of season five, examining in particular the ways in which a broken world often impedes real change and transformation. Sometimes in a broken world the best we can do is try.

4. “Counseling and Medical Issues” by ACBC

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors shared the panel discussion on Counseling and medical issues from their recent pre-conference. I am so grateful that ACBC is having these conversations and thankful that they are willing to share the video for free.

5. “The Habits of Highly Productive Writers” by Rachel Toor

This is a great reminder for all writers! The advice and counsel that Toor gives here guides us into healthy thinking about the writing process and discipline. Most notably, I appreciated her comments regarding “writer’s block.” That’s too much of an excuse. Good writers don’t romanticize the process. “They treat writing like the job it is. They show up, punch the clock, and punch out.”

6. “Porn and the Singleness Panic” by Gina Dalfonzo

My friend Gina has written a great and challenging piece here on singleness in the church. She confronts a recent First Things piece which argues that Christian women need to let go of some of their high standards and recognize that they will have to settle for a man who looks at porn. Having counseled enough married couples plagued by problems with porn I can vouch for how absolutely horrific its presence in a marriage can be. This is a great piece by Gina and one church leaders and Christian women should read. Godly women, don’t compromise on this issues! Godly pastors, don’t ask them to.

7. “I’m (Kinda Sorta Yeah Not Really) Gay” by Bryan Magana

I don’t know Bryan, but I appreciate his story. Here he lays his cards on the table and shares the tension he lives with as one who is sexually oriented towards his same gender, but who because of his love for Jesus does not self-identify as gay. There are many people like this and its important for the church to hear and be sensitive to their stories.

8. “Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Will Tear Us Apart” by Russell Moore

Dr. Moore has a piece in Time Magazine online regard the Presidents new unilateral decision on immigration. Here Dr. Moore explains how this will impact the growing consensus in Congress on the issue. He also urges churches to continue to love, minister to, and support the immigrants in our country. This is just another example of why Russ Moore is awesome!

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