This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here are some interesting articles from around the web that I’ve compiled from my own reading this week. Be sure to look through the list, there’s bound to be something here that interests you too:

1. “37 Facts That Prove Michigan is Undeniably the Greatest State” by Ahmed Ali Akbar

I don’t know if I’d say “greatest,” but we are definitely loving Michigan.

2. “Avengers Civil War Leaked Clip” by Gadgets Backyard

I loved this comic book series, and can’t wait to see the film. Here is a clip that anticipates the film, showing here a brewing tension between Captain America and Iron Man.

3. “Five Overlooked Christian Classics You Can’t Afford to Miss” by Joel Miller

When modern readers think of Christian classics then tend to focus on the works of J.I. Packer and C.S. Lewis. Maybe some theologians and pastors will point to the works of the Jonathan Edwards or the Puritans, but Miller invites us to remember the great works of the early church fathers. Here he lists five classic works from the church fathers that are worthy of your time. Sadly, I have only read one of these.

4. “Brain Response to Threats: New Research & Old Truth” by Charles Hodges

MRI scans reveal what Christians have known for a long time: when we are reminded that we are loved and cared for by others the anxiety we feel is significantly diminished.

5. “When Risking it All for God Means Staying Where You Are” by Kris Beckert

I love everything about this post! As I look back on my own life, and as I reflect on the lives of the many young college students I have counseled and pastored over the years I think about how important this lesson is for all of us. We romanticize “risking it all,” but often faithfulness is staying put and doing hard work. I appreciate too how Beckert gives us a helpful guide for determining when to stay or when to go.

6. “Redeeming Conservatism” by James K.A. Smith

This is my kind of conservatism! This is what I would support. I am hopeful that there can be a redeemed disposition within the Conservative mindset.

7. “Discipleship in the Age of Authenticity” by Trevin Wax

Wax explores the sociological work of Charles Taylor in his discussion of the elevation of personal self-expression in contemporary culture, then he goes on to highlight areas where the church has opportunity to do real discipleship in the midst of this selfish context.

8. “Walking with the Dead: When Only Survival Matters” by Dave Dunham

My weekly column on the AMC hit The Walking Dead reviews last week’s episode. In this post I discuss the emptiness of a life focused solely on survival. Such a pragmatic view of “living” devalues art, people, and essentially life itself.

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