This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I compile a list of interesting articles from around the web; here is this week’s list:

1. “Southern Baptists, Gay Community Break Bread at Conference” by Tamara Audi

A beautiful article reporting on the recent Ethics and Religious Liberty Conference of the SBC and the pro-gay opponents who attended. At a private meeting during the conference groups from each side of the debate met for a friendly discussion.

2. “What Martin Luther Taught Me About Counseling” by Heath Lambert

This is less about Luther than the title might suggest, but it does make a case for the importance of repentance in counseling. More needs to be said than this, but it’s a great starting point for this important truth.

3. “Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses: What You May Not Know and Why They Matter Today” by Justin Holcomb

Holcomb wrote a piece intended to clarify some of the issues surrounding Luther’s Theses. He points to the issues driving the Theses and their relevance to our cultural context today. Check it out in honor of the anniversary of Luther’s nailing these theses.

4. “Why I Vote Conservative” by John Frame

Books-At-A-Glance reprinted Frame’s entire essay on voting. There’s much to commend from this piece. I am one of those, whom Frame mentions in the opening of the piece, that is extremely hesitant to align with a political party. I appreciate much of what he says, however, and recognize that there may be no way to avoid aligning at some level. Still, I am going to hold out at least in principle with identifying with a label.

5. “Christian Rapper Jackie Hill-Perry Comes Out as Ex-Gay Firebrand” by David Daniels

Another interesting piece in the secular media on Christians experiencing change and freedom from a same-sex attraction. Jacki Hill-Perry is a particularly interesting story to follow as she was an openly Lesbian woman for a number of years and is now faithfully following Jesus in a heterosexual marriage. Read some of here story here.

6. “The State of Theology: New Findings in America’s Theological Health” by Chris Larson

Ligonier Ministries conducted a massive nationwide theological survey to reveal how theological healthy we are as a nation. The answer, not surprisingly, is not overly positive. There are some good things, but it is discouraging how terrible even the theology of confessing Christians is. To that end, I am thankful for programs like Free Seminary and for the faithful theological teaching of our senior pastor at CBC.

7. “5 Tools For Growing Your Prayer Life” by Brian Hedges

My friend, Brian has written a very practically helpful book on increasing your prayer life. I love these suggestions and plan to implement some of them in my own life.

8. “The Most Important Reality in Overcoming Sexual Sin” by Heath Lambert

Dr. Lambert states that knowing God is the most important reality in overcoming sexual sin. He lists three things that knowing God can do to help us fight off the temptation to give into to sinful sexual desires. Check it out.

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