This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper-copyEvery week I compile a list of some of the most interesting articles from around the web. Here is this week’s list, check it out, there’s bound to be something here that interests you.

1. “When Our Theology Stifles Our Compassion” by Marie Notcheva

A reminder that good Biblical counselors know when to “shut up.” In some cases there comes a point where a counselee does not need Bible verses, and reprimands, they simply need for friends to sit with them, cry with them, and wait with them. This is an important reminder that Biblical counseling is not a profession so much as it is a friendship.

2. “Should We Worry About The Ebola Crisis” by Kevin Carson

Dr. Carson has a great post here that helps us think Biblically about the Ebola crisis, but more than that he helps us distinguish between worry and concern. I HIGHLY recommend this post.

3. “Walking with the Dead: The Need for Forgiveness” by Dave Dunham

My column over at Christ and Pop Culture on The Walking Dead discusses the ways in which forgiveness opens up a new future to us. The subtle connection to Biblical principles is, I hope, an encouragement to all who read it.

4. “When Dad Doesn’t Disciple the Kids” by Jen Wilkin

A brilliant post on how to navigate that tenuous relationship between respecting your spouse but not allowing your kids to go un-disciples. Walking talks about three types of “single moms” in the church: 1) the true single mom; 2) the mom married to an unbeliever; 3) the mom married to a believer who does not actively disciple his children. She focuses on the third and helps them to think through how to honor their husband while taking up the responsibility that he has let fall. This is great counsel.

5. “An Interview with Charles Hodges on his book Good Mood Bad Mood (Part 1)” by Books At A Glance

I am so glad that this book and Dr. Hodges are getting attention. There is a lot of worthwhile discussion being had regarding counseling those who struggle with depression and bipolar disorder. Dr. Hodges book is one of the best I have ever seen on the subject and here he gives a two-part interview on the book. Here is the second part of the interview.

6. “How You Can Help A Victim of Domestic Abuse” by Christina Fox

An important article for pastors, this piece gives some simple introductory questions to ask of those whom you think might be subject to domestic abuse.

7. “Biblical Counseling for the Great Commission” by John Piper

Piper explores in this piece how Biblical Counseling can be an open door for missions worldwide. Fresh off the heels of a trip to Japan Piper finds that Biblical counseling is desperately needed and may be a means by which many would come to faith in Christ. Counselors, read and be challenged!


  1. Thank you for re-posting my article! God bless.

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