This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperI’ve compiled a list of interesting articles from around the web for this week’s “Good Reads.” Check them out.

1. “Framing John Frame (Part 4): A Gentleman and a Scholar” by Steve Childers

“Not all scholars are gentlemen. Not all gentlemen are scholars. John Frame is both.” In the final part of his discussion of John Frame, Dr. Childers looks at the character of this remarkable man. I am a huge fan of and student of Dr. Frame and I cannot commend his works enough to others. Here is a great introduction to the person and work of Frame – this four-part series by his colleague Dr. Steve Childers.

2. “How is Porn Changing Intimacy?” by Q Ideas

I was honored to have an article included in this selection of responses to the Q Ideas question: How is porn changing intimacy. An article I wrote for The Gospel Coalition back in 2012, titled “Pornopoly,” was picked up by them for this piece. I am grateful for the inclusion.

3. “Mark Driscoll Resigns from Mars Hill Church ” by Sarah Pulliam Bailey

I was not expecting this, but Driscoll officially stepped down from his pastorate at Mars Hill. He was not asked to step down, though many of us certainly think he is disqualified from ministry. It is a sad week for Mars Hill as they lose their pastor of 18 years, but we may hope and pray that God brings great healing to all involved in this mess.

4. “What Christians Should Know About the Ebola Crisis” by Miguel Nunez

Pastor and medical doctor Miguel Nunez shares some insight on what Ebola is, how it spreads, what it does, and why we can still trust God in the midst of this crisis. I am thankful for the calm, reasonable, and Biblically faithful response he provides here. All Christians need to read this, and be careful about spreading the fear that our media is  so inclined towards.

5. “Walking with the Dead: The Character-Shaping Power of Community” by Dave Dunham

My column on the AMC hit show is back! This piece looks at episode one of season five and explores the ways in which community helps us to respond to violence done against us without becoming aggressors ourselves.

6. “4 Things That Happen When You Study Leviticus” by Jay Sklar

After ten years of studying the book of Leviticus Jay shares some of the insights he gleaned from this study.

7. “Advice to Young Pastors from David Powlison, Danny Akin, and Tim Keller” by Matt Smethhurst

This is an interesting series. I really appreciate David Powlison’s answer on this one.

8. “Depression & Exercise: I Run! Therefore I am Not Depressed” by Charles Hodges

Dr. Hodges points us to some research that demonstrates the value of daily exercise for battling depression.

9. “Should the Church Do Counseling?” by Tim Lane

Dr. Lane answers some basic questions about why the church should be involved in counseling. As one who firmly believes the importance of counseling at the local church level, I greatly appreciate these answers.

10. “How To Get Things Done: Finding the Right Tools” by Tim Challies

Challies continues his productivity series with this post on the tools to help us with getting tasks done. I confess not to use any of these tools, but I do appreciate the post.

11. “Statement of Policy Regarding Gender, Sexuality, and Counseling from ACBC Board” by ACBC

The Associations of Certified Biblical Counselors is seeking here “to clarify and reassert our biblical convictions when it comes to dealing with” issues of sexuality. I appreciate the sensitivity and clarity of this statement, particularly the point that sanctification regarding sexual desires may be incomplete in this life. I question some of the use of “gender” as this term is not very well-defined in common parlance, but otherwise this is a good statement.

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