This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper21. “Framing John Frame (Part 3): Why It’s Hard to Frame Frame” by Steve Childers

This piece explains so well what I have most loved about John Frame! Read it and then read Frame.

2.”Christian Book about the Holocaust Banned from Charter School? Probably Not.” by Alan Noble

The fearmongering and poor journalism so common among some corners of the conservative world has become tiresome. I am thankful that Alan Noble doesn’t let anything slide.

3. “Her Voice Might Tremble, But Emma Watson’s Message is Strong and Clear” by Joseph Lamour

Emma Watson gave an address before the U.N. on the issue of gender equality. Astute listeners will hear some things that are not consistent with a Christian worldview, and yet there was much about this speech that I applaud and support. I am reminded that Christians don’t need to fear Feminism, even while we recognize we can’t wholesale support it’s claims and ideas.

4. “College Girls: Education, Imago Dei, and the Gospel” by Hannah Anderson

As evidence that Christians do fear Feminism I point you to the two articles that Hannah responds to in this brilliant piece. In particular Hannah is defending more than the right for women to go to college, she is defending their dignity and worth before God as image bearers.

5. “Jesus Ever Lives Above, For You To Intercede” by Gavin Ortlund

An interview with D.A. Carson on the practical ramifications of Christ’s role as intercessor.

6. “Advice to Young Pastors from Don Carson, Danny Akin, and Scotty Smith” by Matt Smethurst

Another collection of responses from seasoned scholars and pastors to help guide young guys like me in the ministry. Here the questions revolve around what should a pastor study, in addition to sound doctrine. Their answers are helpful reminders about the broad swath of information that pastors have to have some general knowledge in.

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