Next Week

nextweekCheck back for these posts and more, next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A review of The Loss of Sadness by Allan Horwitz and Jerome Wakefield

An incredibly insightful, if largely academic book, on the misapplication of a depression diagnosis in contemporary American culture.

2. A Biblical Theology of Light: Introduction

Starting a new brief series on the subject of light across the Bible. It’s use as a symbol gives us some fresh eyes to consider deep truths of Scripture.

3. Learning from New Monasticism: Abstention

Over the next two weeks I am going to briefly unpack with a little more clarity the two points Smith makes about how we can learn from and benefit from monasticism today. Starting next week, we’ll look at the idea of abstention.

4. Christian Reflections on Lust, Modesty, and Beauty (Part 9): Parenting and Modesty

One final reflection concerns me as I wrap up this series: the role of parents in helping their kids think about these subjects. Next week I will touch on how we can help our sons and daughters think carefully about issues of modesty, lust,  beauty, and responsibility.

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