Theology Talks: Early Marriage

In our first Theology Talk pastor Johnny Norbeck and I discuss an interesting question: Should churches promote early marriage? Take 12 minutes and listen to our conversation, then share your own thoughts in the comment section. Submit a question to be discussed and be sure to check back each month for other conversations about theology and life. Each month I will be chatting with a different theologian.


Show Links:

Southern Baptists Urge Members to Marry Younger


  1. Howard J. Summerville says:

    Interesting topic which I believe leads to a whole host of difficulties within the American/Evangelical/Corporate Church structure. From a Biblical standpoint, I have not found anything relating to the categories of teenager/ adolescent, but instead from the old testament a boy became a man at 12 years of age (As I have been told Mary was probably 16 or younger when she birthed Jesus). It would seem only in the last 100 years or so, there was a cultural shift from early marriage to what we have today. The church hopped onto the bandwagon so to speak in promoting this with their myriad of programs, seminars, and church professionals (kids ministry, youth ministry, endless books, dvds, tapes, on marriage etc.) which has done little or nothing to address the difficulties. As an example of the stupidity, the book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” (which should have been followed up with “I Kissed Marriage Goodbye”) promotes the idea that everything must be perfect to even arrive at the point of engagement. For those of us who have been married for a long time, marriage is anything but perfect. Ruth Graham has stated that marriage “is a relationship between two good forgivers” and as Chuck Swindoll has stated, “It is a miracle that anybody can stay married” ( but only by the power of the Holy Spirit). In many respects I have found the church to be anti marriage and anti family not willfully but in corporate practice. In fact as the father of six girls, I have found them to be ready for marriage at or around age 16 (my two boys were ready at 18). However as a general statement, I have never seen so many teenage boys within the church not ready for anything but sports, hanging out, playing with transformers etc., and certainly not work or marriage as they are coddled within the church structure.


  1. […] light of the recent conversation Pastor Johnny Norbeck and I had this is a great follow-up article by my friend Hannah Anderson. […]

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