Next Week

nextweek21)  A review of New Monasticism by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

This has been an interesting if sometimes annoying book. Neo-monasticism has always fascinated me and I think there are some real lessons the broader church can learn from this movement.

2)  Reframing Stories in Biblical Counseling

Helping people to retell their story in light of the truths of the gospel and of Scripture is one of the key tasks of a good counselor.

3)  Our Cultural Loss of Sadness

Our culture of medications and diagnoses has led us to a general devaluing of and inability to recognize normal, healthy, sadness

4) Christian Reflections on Lust, Modesty, and Beauty (Part 7): Lust and Responsibility

We are going to continue this study again next week by zeroing in particularly on the question of who’s responsible for dealing with lust. If the answer seems obvious it’s not always expressed in honest ways, we’re going to explore it more pointedly next week.

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