This Weeks Good Reads

morning paperEvery week I try to compile a list of interesting articles from around the web. I don’t always find their content agreeable but I feel compelled to share them. So read my annotated list below and see if anything strikes your interest too.

1. “Why Are All The Legos Washing Up on the Beach?” by Megan Garber

For over twenty years Legos have been washing up on the coats of Cornwall, nautical themed Legos, to be specific. This funny story reminds us that the oceans currents are still a significant mystery to us…and also Legos are always awesome!

2. “Was Bonhoeffer Gay? and Other Adventures in Missing the Point” by Trevin Wax

A new biography of Bonhoeffer proposes that the man may have experienced a same-sex attraction. In this piece over at TGC, Trevin Wax suggests that our questioning Bonhoeffer’s sexuality says more about life in our sexualized culture than it does about Bonhoeffer himself. This is a good piece, mostly because it uses Bonhoeffer to challenge a number of modern/postmodern assumptions about sexuality, friendship, and identity.

3. “Woohoo! Simpsons World Will Transform the Show Into Delicious, Delicious Data” by Megan Garber

As a long-time fan of The Simpsons I cannot wait to see how this app actually works. The prospect of analyzing the show, breaking it down into data is so compelling I find myself ready to shout like Homer, “woo hoo!” My own love of The Simpsons can be found in this series I did several years ago (Bart and Barth)

4. “10 Step Progression of Restoring Broken Trust” by Brad Hambrick

This is a helpful guide to rebuilding trust in a broken marriage. It is oriented from the perspective of the spouse who feels betrayed, but it can be helpful to both parties in a broken relationship. Hambrick avoids giving us a timetable, but does give us a natural progression that can serve to keep things in perspective and encourage step-by-step progression.

5. “Worth Remembering: ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ Coming to ABC!”

We are suckers for these Toy Story holiday shorts in our house. Check out the premise of this one coming to television this December.

6. “Here’s An Awesome Map of All The States Ranked By Their State Pride” by Laura Allan

Apparently Ohio has the most state pride in the nation! Wow.

7. “7 Signs We May Be Worshipping Our Family” by Jason Helopoulos

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I really do believe this is a danger in some circles of Evangelicalism and so I am grateful for this word from Helopoulos. The author hits the nail on the head here and we should all heed his warnings and evaluate our own family life and structure. Family worship is disastrous for the church and for the family, so be on your guard.

8. “Wasn’t Hitler a Christian?” by Matt Rawlings

My former colleague has written an insightful piece here on his blog answering a common criticism of Christianity. Matt goes farther than I would by suggesting (or at least hinting) that modern-day Liberals are like Nazis, something I am not prepared to do, but I do appreciate his response to the complete fiction that Hitler was a Christian. Thanks for this post, brother.

9. “Why Evangelicals Should Care About ‘The Mikado’ Controversy If They Care About Reconciliation In The Church” by Bo Lim

The Evangelical ignorance on matters of race continues to abound. I am thankful for Lim’s article, and for the many friends I have who can help me to continue navigating this important issues. This is a good read, and a starting place for considering the ways in which you might be blindly perpetuating offensive stereotypes. Take a read, whether you’re in church leadership or not this is a subject all of us should care about.

10. “The Road to Jericho and the Border Crisis” by Russell D. Moore

Moore does a great job of reminding us all that the children at our borders are first and foremost people with dignity. We should, even as we seek to address the issue, not regard these little children simply as a problem. The way some Christians are responding is really quite despicable.

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