This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperHere are some interesting articles from around the web. Check them out, there’s bound to be something here that interests you:

1. “The Idolatry of Modesty” by Jefferson Bethke

Bethke writes a powerful piece here reminding women that modesty can be just as much about dressing for attention as can immodesty. The piece does a good job of exposing the inconsistencies and lunacy of our Evangelical modesty culture.

2. “When Suits Become A Stumbling Block: A Plea to My Brothers in Christ” by L.P.

This piece takes another stab at the lunacy and hypocrisy of some aspects of our modesty culture. Here the author uses satire to expose the weaknesses of the “stumbling block” concept that has permeated many circles of Evangelicalism. The satire is pretty thick so its easy to get a good laugh out of this one.

3. “Obama Administration Pushes Banks to Make Home Loans to People with Weaker Credit” by Zachary Goldfarb

Wait, didn’t we already do this? And didn’t it have disastrous consequences?

4. “You’ll Never Believe What’s Drawing Millennials to Church” by Meredith Flynn

This cool piece looks at the rather traditional setting of Capitol Hill Baptist Church which is managing nonetheless to fill up with young adults. So much for the whole millennials don’t like traditional church concept.

5. “Ennui” by Karen Swallow Prior

This is a beautiful piece about finding beauty and joy in ordinary life. I love the way Karen writes, and I love even more so the corrective this piece offers to my own soul, which is often dissatisfied.

6. “Let’s Be Watchful Out There: About Relational Heresy” by Robert Kelleman

This is a great piece that describes what “relational heresy” in the church looks like. We can be so focused on avoiding bad doctrine that we overlook the ways in which we can create relational problems in the church.

7. “The Art of Embodiment” by Alissa Wilikinson

Alissa asks a great question in this piece. She turns the “how can churches support artists” question around and wonders aloud, as an artist herself, “how can artists support their churches”? I love this question and Alissa’s thoughts on it.

8. “4 Marks of Biblical Discipleship” by Trevin Wax

A helpful, simple, piece that looks at some of the key components of good discipleship. As I continue reflecting on this in my own year-long study I am always encouraged to read pieces that talk about disciple-making in more broad and comprehensive terms. Wax does some of that kind of thinking here.

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