This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperEvery Week I compile a list of interesting articles and blogs from around the web. Here’s this week’s list, it’s bound to contain something of interest to you:

1. “The Troubling Trends in America’s Calvinist Revival” by Jonathan Merritt

This article expresses well the concerns I have had for a while now. Merritt hits the nail on the head! His three major concerns with the Neo-Calvinist movement are “isolationism,” “tribalism,” and “egotism.” All are evident and all ought to make those involved in the movement sit up and take notice. We should learn from this and not simply dismiss it as another criticism of the movement.

2. “Are Youth Groups Bad? A Rant on Bad Research” by Ed Stetzer

Here’s one of the reasons I love Ed Stetzer: he doesn’t tolerate biased Christian nonsense just because it carries popularity for the moment. I recall the article he references in this piece and remember being annoyed with its simplistic and broadly sweeping claims. Stetzer points out why its “research” is completely bogus and does so with great ease. If I might add my own two cents: I think the question “are youth groups bad” is a poor question to begin with.

3. “Evangelical Leader Not Waving White Flag on Gay Marriage” by Jon Ward

In this interview with Dr. Moore, he reassures his supporters that he is not abandoning the fight for traditional marriage. Despite what some critics have suggested he is not “softening” his stance on gay marriage. But, what I do appreciate about Dr. Moore, and he makes reiterates it in this piece, he is realistic about that fight.

4. “8 Ways to Comfort the Suffering” by Evan Welcher

This is a beautiful piece on suffering from a man who knows about it well. He reminds us well that:

People suffer differently. So the process of discipling them through their pain will look different depending upon the person you are walking through the shadow lands with.

Welcher’s wife died from cancer not long after this article was written, but it contains such helpful advice on how to offer comfort to those who suffer. Read it with a heavy heart, and an eye towards those you love.

5. “The ‘Blue Album’ at 20: Looking Back at Weezer’s Debut, Track by Track” by Grantland

Grantland does a serious track-by-track review of a great album! Back when Weezer was good this album received lots of play. Kudos to the Grantland staff for celebrating its 20 year anniversary (Be forewarned regarding the various author’s propensities for profanity).

6. “Doctor: Detroit Abortion Stats ‘Like Some Third World Country’” by Karen Bouffard

This is sad, disturbing, and distressing news: Nearly one-third of all pregnancies in the city of Detroit end in abortion. Christians in the metro have a lot of praying, loving, leading, and fighting to do.

7. “A Review of God and the Gay Christian” by Sam Allberry

I am so thankful for Sam and for his review here of the highly controversial new book by Matthew Vines. Fundamentally, Allberry concludes, “What makes God and the Gay Christian such sad reading is its failure to see the goodness of God in what Christians have always believed about homosexuality.”

8. “Race, Discrimination, and Sexuality in the X-Men Cinematic Universe” by Wade Bearden

Hey comic book nerds, here’s some thoughtful observations about the X-men films and the concept of cultural bigotry.

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