This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperEvery week I compile a list of interesting articles from around the web. Here’s this week’s list, there’s bound to be something on it that interests you.

1. “How to Bounce Back After Burning Out” by Andrea Ayres-Deets

This is a good piece, be forewarned about the language though. The author gives us some real helpful and practical tips on getting through burn-out and avoiding it again. She communicates this through an enjoyable and engaging personal story too.

2. “Christian Reflections on Mental Illness” by Heath Lambert

Dr. Lambert is continuing his insightful writing on mental illnesses here at TGC. In this piece he points to the lack of pathology in diagnosis of mental illness. For those in Track #3 of Biblical Counseling training this piece will pick up where we left off in our class discussion last week.

3. “The Ministry of Watching Sparrows Fall to the Ground” by D.L. Mayfield

My friend D.L. has written a beautiful personal piece about the type of ministry she does to the poor and needy. It’s beautiful, sad, and yet hopeful. It is well worth your time both for encouragement, and simply to read something that is wonderfully written.

4. “Developing A Biblical Theology of Emotions” by Richard Walton

In this simple piece Walton reminds us that our emotions have the potential to draw us to the great Counselor who so designs our experiences to reveal himself to us and in us.

5. “Tolkien and Violence” by Jake Meador

In light of some of the pushback that George R.R. Martin has received for his incredibly violent work in The Fire and Ice (or Game of Thrones) series, J.R.R. Tolkien has been called into the discussion. Here Meador looks at Tolkien’s larger views on violence, particularly as they are revealed in his writings. Meador thinks Martin’s reference to Tolkien is ignorant, so he seeks here to offer a more nuanced understanding of it. The comparison of the two men is fascinating, at least it is to me being a fan of both men’s works.

6. “Lighten Up , Christians: God Loves A Good Time” by N.D. Wilson

Wilson challenges us to be far more fun than we are, to be as fun as our theology says we should be. He looks particularly at how this plays out in our parenting, but his challenge out to be received in every area of life.

7. “R-Rated Texts for an R-Rated World” by Josh Vincent

My good friend Josh has written a helpful defense of reading and teaching the so-called “R-rated” texts of the Bible. “God gave us R-Rated texts because we live in an R-Rated world.”

8. “Being Prepared for Joy: An Interview with Christian Wiman” by Anthony Domestico

This interview is a beautiful reminder of the power of poetry and art for the augmenting of faith. Read it and be blessed.

9. “An Interview with James K.A. Smith on How (Not) To Be Secular and How (To) Read Charles Taylor” by Justin Taylor

I am so excited about this new book by Smith. Taylor is hard to wrestle with but so important, so getting some help is much appreciated. In this interview Smith gives some justification for and clarification on this new book on Taylor.

10. “Is Star Wars More Morally Complex than Lord of the Rings?” by Humane Pursuits

I have not read all these essays, but how awesome is it that there’s a collection of essays debating such a fascinating topic?

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