Next Week

nextweekHere’s what you don’t want to miss next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A review of Good Mood Bad Mood by Charles Hodges

This is an absolutely fascinating book on counseling those with mood disorders. Dr. Hodges, a medical doctor with years of experience as both a clinical physician and Biblical counselor, examines some of the biggest issues surrounding diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders and what Biblical counselors can do to be helpful. Fantastic work!

2. A Hermeneutic of Finitude: The Value of Multiperspectivalism in Theological Development

Human beings must recognize our own limitations in developing theology and work hard to allow for multiple perspectives to shape, sharpen, and clarify our understanding of the Scriptures and of doctrine. I’ll explore this in more detail next week.

3. A Biblical Theology of Name (Part 1)

I am super excited to kick off this short series next week on the concept of “name” in the Old Testament. We’ll begin next week by exploring the act and value of naming in the Old Testament.

4. Ask Pastor Dave: Did the Early Church Believe in the Trinity?

Every other month I run this series. I always get interesting questions and do my best to think about them and answer them carefully. This is a great question that I am really looking forward to answering with primary source quotations.

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