This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperEvery week I compile a list of interesting articles and blog posts from around the web. Here’ this week’s list, you’re bound to find something here worthy of your time.

1. “Following the Hashtag Rabbit Trail” by Wesley Hill

Hill expresses some concerns about the conversation had this last week by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission at their Leadership Summit. We should all give them the benefit of the doubt as we wait for the audio to be accessible, but Hill does raise some important concerns about their twitter output from the Summit¬†this week. I think there are good things happening at the ERLC, but if the tweets of the Summit are accurate there’s still work to be done from within.

2. “We All Walk Between” by Joy Sevilla

Last week I shared the story of a Christian who struggles with same-sex attraction and who also happens to be in a heterosexual marriage. This week his wife joined the conversation with a piece of her own. The author primarily points to the way in which her husband’s struggle is renewing her own spiritual life.¬†It is a beautiful testimony to God’s grace and love and it is worthy of your time.

3. “Rewriting the Story of the Exploited: The Gospel for Sex Workers” by Celeste Chen

A beautiful story of a ministering to women volunteering for and/or trapped in prostitution.

4. “The Real Problem with Female Masturbation” by Jordan Monge

It’s tempting for many in the church to either pretend like women don’t struggle with lust, or that their sexual sins are about something other than lust. Jordan Monge, in this helpful piece at Christianity Today reminds us that this is simply not true, nor does such a mentality prepare the church to help the many countless women who struggle with addictions to pornography. As a pastor and a counselor I know that there are many women who do struggle and they need a church that addresses their struggles honestly and Biblically, and a church that provides a safe place for them to struggle. Monge points us in the right direction with this piece.

5. “Most of What You Think You Know About Sex Trafficking Isn’t True” by Amanda Hess

This is a fascinating piece picking up on some recent research about prostitution. The research reveals that most underage prostitution does not involve pimp-trafficking, but rather voluntary personal control. The researches and legislators quoted throughout the piece remind us that reality is always more complex than our narratives make it.

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