Next Week

nextweekHere’s what I’ll be blogging about next week, be sure to check back:

1. A review of Love Into the Light by Peter Hubbard

A practical and helpful book on how churches can cultivate communities that can Biblically and graciously care for those struggling with same sex attraction. I really only had a few simple complaints about this book.

2. When Confession Becomes Sin

There are ways to abuse the gift and discipline of confession. Next week we will look carefully at this topic and try to sensitively navigate it.

3. The Messiah for Pariahs: Jesus’ Strange Disciples

Next week we will continue this series by looking at Jesus’ choice of followers and how the reflect his heart for the social outcasts.

4. Living the Christian Life Apart from the Gospel

It is possible to try and be a Christian, or try to live the Christian life, apart from the power of the gospel. We’ll explore what this looks like next week and think through how to avoid it.

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