Next Week

nextweekHere’s what you’ll miss if you don’t check back next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1. Reflections on a Year with Edwards

Last year’s study project was Jonathan Edwards. Next week I’ll share some of the insights I gleaned from studying Edwards all year-long.

2. Uncomfortable Grace: Understanding Grace

Next week I’ll start a new series addressing the uncomfortable nature of grace and what that means for our lives and experiences with God.

3. My Struggle Does Not Define Me

As a counselor I see a lot of  people who are owned by their struggles, labels, and sins. This post next week will unpack how our identity in Christ can help us to rightly address these things without confusing our personhood with our struggle.

4. Ask Pastor Dave: Why Does Change Take So Long?

Next week I’ll start this month’s series of Ask Pastor Dave questions. This was the first question that got submitted and it is a good relevant one to discuss next week.

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