Next Week

nextweek1. An Interview with Gregory Alan Thornbury (Part 1)

In my conversation with Dr. Thornbury we talked about so much interesting stuff that I couldn’t bear to cut it up. In part one we talk about everything from church history and Athanasius, to Benjamin Button and Napoleon Dynamite. I hope you learn as much as I did.

2. In Any Affliction

Some say we can’t offer any real counsel unless we know first hand another’s struggle. But such line of reasoning is not Biblical and we’ll talk next week about counseling those whose experiences we can’t relate to.

3. Inerrancy and Worldview: Modern Challenges to Inerrancy (Part 30)

We’ll explore next week the futility and arrogance of thinking we can be totally objective about something.

4. What is a Soft Complimentarian?

Next week I’ll wrap up this short series by explaining what exactly it means for me to identify myself as a soft complimentarian. I will try to pull together all the things that I have said about women and theology over the course of this series.

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