This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperCheck out these articles to find something interesting to read:

1. “Learning from Kuyper, Following Jesus: An Interview with Richard Mouw” by James K.A. Smith

James K.A. Smith had the chance to sit down and talk with the former president of Fuller Theological Seminary on the value of public theology for the common good.

2. “5 Tips for Find Your Theological Balance” by Derek Rishmawy

My friend Derek wrote a helpful piece on being a balanced theologian. This is a good and important piece to consider for all of us who study theology. I might add to his list by saying “read more than white middle class males.”

3. “10 Church Diseases” by Chuck Lawless

Dr. Lawless discusses here the various diseases he sees as a church consultant all across the country.

4. “Severing the Shackles of Porn” by Matt Smethurst

Matt interviews Heath Lambert the author of a new highly praised book on fighting addiction to pornography.

5. “Economic Malady, Church Opportunity” by Michael Jahr

Jahr discusses the ways in which high unemployment rates and economic trouble provides the church with a  great opportunity. I have seen first hand the opportunities opened to the church as they minister to the poor, needy, and struggling. It’s important, however, to warn the church not to view herself as a savior and the poor as a project. This is both unbiblical and unhealthy. Ministry works best as one friend to other friends.

6. “Noah’s Ark and the Cross of Christ” by David Murray

Murray argues here for the typological reading of Noah’s Ark. For students of my Biblical Theology class this is a useful blog to read.

7. “Questioning Within The Borders of Faith” by Joe Rigney

Rigney helps us think through doubts in a healthy way.

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