This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperHere are some articles from around the web that I found interesting this week, you might find one among this list that you enjoy too:

1. “Conservative Christianity and the Transgender Question” by Russell D. Moore

A compassionate and yet Biblically faithful response to the question of transgender identities.

2. “3 Things I Loved About Ashton Kutcher’s Teen Choice Award Acceptance Speech” by Richard Clark

I never thought I’d see a brilliant cultural commentator like Richard Clark say he liked anything about Ashton Kutcher, but then I watched this video and read this piece and I confess, I loved these three things too. This is incredibly refreshing.

3. “Review: Inerrancy and the Gospels” by Josh Chatraw

My friend Josh wrote a good review of a great book for The Gospel Coalition’s journal. Check it out.

4. “The Next Generation of Cultural Engagement” by Abraham Cho and Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

This is a wonderful conversation to get to listen in on. Abraham Cho, one of the pastors of in Tim Keller’s Redeemer Church planting network, interviews the author of The World Is Not Ours To Save. It is an insightful and refreshing conversation about Christian cultural engagement, and some speculation into what the future of that might look like.

5. “Is Jesus Baptist?” by Timothy George

I love Timothy George’s writing and perspective. In this piece for First Things George clarifies the way to be a Baptist who is actually first and foremost just interested in being a Christian! Having been drawn back into the world of “Baptists” as a pastor at CBC, I really appreciated this piece.

7. “Peter Enns on Raising Young Heretics” by David Murray

Murray gives a thoughtful response to a blog post from the OT scholar early this week. Murray largely points out a better way to helping kids wrestle with doubts about the Scriptures.

8. Mark Driscoll is doing a series of blogs on the Bible over at this website, these two posts could be, I believe, helpful for a number of folks: 8 Misconceptions About the Bible, and 7 Key Principles for Interpreting the Bible

9. “Ask Pastor Matt: Can a Person be a Gay Christian?” by Matt Rawlings

My former colleague was fielding question this week and got this very common question. In an effort to gracious and yet thoroughly answer the question he enlisted scholar Robert Gagnon. Gagnon does a great job with this question.

10. “10 Step Progression of Restoring Broken Trust” by Brad Hambrick

This a helpful list for both spouses who’ve been betrayed and, honestly, for the spouse who has betrayed to read.

11. “Five Commitments to Those Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction in Our Midst” by Kevin DeYoung

At one level I wish that DeYoung had written something different and more particularly aimed at the struggle with same-sex attraction. On another level, however, I love that what he writes here is applicable to all sinners. This post can serve as an important reminder that even same-sex attraction is a kind of brokenness like all other kinds of brokenness.

12. “Kingdom, Ethics, and Individual Salvation” by D.A. Carson

Carson does an excellent job of correcting some of the reductionist approaches to the Kingdom of God in contemporary scholarship.

13. “New Residential and Retail Development Planned for Riverfront” by Detroit 2020

Looks like a new development downtown is in the works. It looks beautiful and exciting. One has to wonder who is going to live in this residential area as it will surely come with a high price.

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