The Most Viewed Posts of the Year…So Far

most popularIn lieu of no new post today I have decided to share some of the posts that have gotten the most attention this year. Most of them are older, but they continue to draw attention this year. In the absence of something fresh maybe you will find something here interesting.

1. “Why are Moving?”

2.“Dating According to the Bible?: Dating and Marriage”

3. “Themes in the Book of Jonah: The Sovereignty of God”

4. “A Theology of Sex: Masturbation and Sin”

5. “Mumford and Sons Theology”

6. “Moses, Samuel, and Elijah: The Proto-Prophets”

7. “Dating Within the Church”

8. “Son of Man and the Suffering Servant: King Jesus in the Gospel of Mark”

9. “Suffering Servants: Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark”

10. “Simple Advice On Praying for Your Church Family”


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