This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperHere are some articles I found interesting this week, you might find one that interests you too:

1. “Diving Into the Public Schooling Vs. Home Schooling Issue” by Jason Morehead

I really appreciated the perspective of this piece from Morehead, who acknowledges his indebtedness to other insightful pieces he read. My wife and I have chosen to send our daughter to public school; others, we know, have chosen not to. I am okay with both of those decisions. We’ve wrestled with how to best educate our children, and our decisions may change in the future, but for now we are confident with the choice we’ve made. I don’t have any angst or anxiety about it, I don’t feel like a failed dad, nor do I worry I have disobeyed God in doing this. Frankly, I am annoyed with Christians who insist that I should feel that way. This article offers a little bit of perspective. Regarding the subject Morehead gives a special caution and gracious response to critics of public schools.

2. “8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told me Before Seminary” by Matt Damico

I could add to this list, to be sure, but as it stand Damico has offered good counsel for young seminarians.

3. “The Hunger Games and Dystopia” by Andrew Wilson

This piece isn’t really about The Hunger Games, but it’s topic is interesting. Wilson writes on the two different views of slavery common in the Western World and how the Scriptures teach that we need rescued both from “the other” and from “the self.”

4. “A Spirit of Fear: How Our Assumptions Get In The Way of Loving Our Muslim Neighbors” by D.L. Mayfield

My friends at Christ and Pop Culture continue to write some of the most thought provoking and insightful pieces I read on a regular basis. This particular piece by Mayfield, found in the newest issue of CaPC Magazine is beautiful and challenging. Mayfield has dedicated her life to loving Muslims and she challenges readers here not to believe all the hype about Muslim hatred in the U.S. She challenges us to get past our assumptions befriend Muslims and love them as Christ would call us to. It’s a beautiful piece from someone with a unique perspective. I highly commend it to you.

5. “7 Reasons Why God Might Not Heal You” by Derek Rishmawy

Drawing from Sam Storm’s most recent book Derek lays out seven possible reasons for why God might not bring healing. He notes, however, that there is mystery here and we can’t simply just chalk up a lack of healing to one of these reasons.

6. “The Evolution of the Swimsuit” by Jessica Rey

To offer a counterpoint to last week’s post on the bikini here is Jessica Rey discussing the value of modesty in a culture that sees no value in it. I offer it as a counter perspective, but I confess I am not overly impressed with it. As has been pointed out by others, she tells us little about the research done to back up the statistics she quotes, and she never actually defines modesty. That is troubling to me and seriously hampers her argument.

7. “The Empire Strikes Back: Disney Readies a Major Hollywood Studios Expansion at Walt Disney World” by Robert Niles

Star Wars Land opens in 2018! I know where I will be.

8. “God Rules the Mundane” by Gloria Furman

The mundane moments of life provide us with opportunities to see God’s grace

9. “Bono Interview: Grace Over Karma” by Greg West

The Poached Egg posts an excerpt from an altogether interesting interview with the music icon. Here he speaks quite frankly about his faith. What I found most interesting was his stress on the person of Jesus as the Son of God.


  1. Scott Price says:

    Pastor Dave,
    I apologize for only commenting when I disagree with something you post. I will try to do better with this in the future because I think there is a lot of good information you post here. I disagree with the content of the first article you posted. I am probably one of those Christians who annoy you, and for that I apologize. I am not trying to be annoying. I am trying to encourage people to do what I see as the right thing to do. I find articles like the one you posted to be frustrating and discouraging, because it seems to me they treat what is a very important decision as merely a matter of personal preference, sort of like choosing what type of ice cream to eat. This article also seems to treat the question of how to disciple our children as one that does not have much to do with the Bible. The article, and the four articles it links to only references one verse of the Bible, and I do not think that the verse it references is even appropriate to the situation to which they apply it. Why would we think someone whom we would not be willing to baptize would be someone who should be sent out as a witness for the gospel. It seems to me that this debate is much like the Calvinist/Arminian debate – where one side makes a scriptural argument for their position, and the other side responds with tradition and opinion. If I am wrong, I would like some one to show me from scripture that I am wrong so that I can correct my thinking. I was wondering, what do you think the three best scriptural arguments for homeschooling are, and why do you think they are unconvincing?

    • Pastor Dave Online says:


      I have never found you to be annoying. I’ve enjoyed our conversations these last several months. I don’t think that Jason intends to suggest that educating your children is like selecting ice cream. I am certain he and his wife have put a great deal of thought into the education of their children. I can say frankly that Krista and I have not come to our conclusions lightly.

      Nor do I think that it is his intent to disregard Scripture. I know, again, my wife and I certainly believe discipleship is a Biblical issue. I suppose what frustrates me is that it is often suggested that because we don’t homeschool we are unbiblical and thoughtless.

      I’d be happy to have this conversation with you face to face.

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