This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperSome articles worthy of your time and reflection this week:

1) “Job’s Sufferings and Ours” by Denny Burk

Denny preaches a moving sermon on how Job’s sufferings can be useful to each of us as we reflect on suffering in our lives and the lives of those around us.

2) “It’s Time to Stop Treating Dads Like Idiots” by Aaron Gouveia

This author is fired-up over a common trend of mocking the efforts of good fathers. He writes that “On one hand, dads hear everyone telling us how important involved fatherhood is. And I agree completely…All that is well and good and encouraged. But here’s the rub. The same people — mostly moms — who claim to be overworked and desperate for dads to do more are all too often the first ones to criticize them for not doing things right when they do step up. And by right, I mean their way.” I appreciate his concern.

3) “The Forgotten Purpose of Theology” by Luke Stamps

Stamps quotes from the first Southern Baptist systematic theologian, J.L. Dagg, on the importance of studying theology for the sanctification of our hearts. It’s a good reminder and neat look into Dagg’s theology.

4) “Freedom from a One-Dimensional Identity” by Karen Ellis

The author writes about how the Fall has damaged our ontological identity. “Normal,” she reminds us, is not really the way it was supposed to be. Normal is really abnormal. Her primary goal is get us to think beyond a one-dimensional personhood, whether that be ethnic, economic, denominational, or political. At the end of the article she writes: Too many today give away their full ontological identity to flawed and limited systems and spheres. If we continue attempting to fully define ourselves with a one-dimensional aspect of our fallen humanity, then we lock ourselves into abnormality and lose sight of the fullness of who we are intended to be.

5) “Believing and Perceiving the Sovereignty of God” by Erik Raymond

Raymond unpacks how one man in his church evidenced his belief in the sovereignty of God and how, as a result, he perceived that belief. “When God’s sovereignty is believed by somebody it is perceived by everybody.”

6) “The Questions People Get Asked About Their Race” by Kat Chow

These are funny, disturbing, and some down right disgusting. If you need evidenced that racism and ignorance still exist take a few minutes to read.

7) “Weekly Wrap & Church Signs of the Week” by Ed Stetzer

Stetzer’s collection of church signs from around the U.S. are always funny

8) “Friday Five Interview: Trillia Newbell” by Daniel Darling

Out of Ur has a nice little interview with Newbell on racial diversity, the sovereignty of God, and gender roles.

9) “The Local Church: The Place for Help” by Kevin Carson

The Biblical Counseling Coalition offers a good reminder that the “church is the place for those who suffer and sin.” Particularly Carson notes, based on 1 Peter 4:7-11, that the church helps each other through: praying, loving, showing hospitality, and serving with spiritual gifts.

10) “Manhood Reconsidered” by Ben Bartlett

Ben Bartlett reflects on the ways in which manhood is totally misconstrued by our culture, even our evangelical culture. But if those concepts aren’t accurate, what does that mean for the hero concept many young men come to embrace as kids. He concludes with three reflections on manhood and training young boys to be men. Unfortuantely you have to subscribe to the CaPC magazine to get the article (see Vol. 1, issue 3). But you can get a year’s subscription via iTunes for super cheap!

11) “Instead of Cutting Aid, Let’s Increase It” by Alan Noble

Noble suggests that instead of being known as those against Government helping the poor, Christians should be known for supporting alternative care for the poor. He argues that there are several conclusions the public has drawn about conservative Christian rants against welfare and government aid, and they aren’t good. While we might disagree with the massive entitlement spending, we need to be known more for affirming the social justice calls of Jesus himself.

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