Next Week

nextweekHere’s what’s coming up next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1) A Review of Bound Together: How We Are Tied to Others in Good and Bad Choices by Chris Brauns

A great book that not only gives a fresh presentation of the doctrines of Original Sin and Union with Christ, but also reveals some real practical implications for our solidarity with others.

2) The Humanity of Jesus: Empowered by the Spirit

A look at the nature of Jesus’s spirit empowerment and the implications of it for our own lives.

3)Thinking Through Implications of Inerrancy

John Frame answered some questions on the subject and I am excited to share his thoughts next week

 4) Celebrating 1,000 Posts

Next week I will not only be looking back on 1,000 posts and looking forward to another 1,000 posts, I will also be showcasing the new website! So be sure you check back for that.

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