This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperHere’s some articles that I found interesting this week, you might find one to read too:

1. “Theology for Life: Schreiners Display Model of Faithfulness Through Trial” by RuthAnne Irvin

This piece can be found in the most recent issue of The Southern Seminary Magazine. The author details the faithfulness of Tom Schreiner and his wife following a bike accident that put Diane in critical condition with bruising on her brain. It is a beautiful piece, that gives real life to Schreiner’s belief in the sovereignty of God.

2. “Breaking Pornography Addiction – Part 1” by David Powlison

This fantastic piece helps us to see change correctly as it addresses addiction. Powlison notes that that change means learning to fight temptation, handling guilt when you fail, and understanding and avoiding the circumstances in which you are tempted. The piece focuses specifically on pornography, but it is applicable to addictions of any kind.

3. “Civil Wars Announce New Album” by Brian Mansfield

It’s officially happening! The duo are working together again to release new music and I for one can’t wait.

4. “The New Legalism: Missional, Radical, Narcissistic and Shamed” by Anthony Bradley

This is a brilliant piece by Bradley and one that I can certainly resonate with. I can recall loads of conversations with young Christians struggle with shame and guilt over their own “mundane” Christian lives. Bradley, who is always thought-provoking, offers a good challenge here.

5. “The Best Men’s Suits Under $400” by Jessica Glavin

I am a men’s fashion fiend…I am also not rich! So I appreciate when GQ does a piece like this.

6. “The Christ and Pop Culture Magazine for iPad and iPhone” by Richard Clark

I am so proud of the folks at CaPC and so excited about this new endeavor. Go support this thoughtful and engaging Christian organization by ordering a subscription to their new publication.

7. “Is the Military Preparing to Court Martial Christians?” by Warren Throckmorton

In short the answer is no! The controversy surrounding this issue was nothing more than hype and another particular case of Christians being quick to play the martyr card. There’s enough real persecution going on in the world that we don’t need to create it here. Alan Noble has written a brilliant piece addressing this type of nonsense here (Do We Need The Word of God on Our Guns), and Ed Stetzer has added his voice to the call for more thorough fact checking on the part of Christians. When you repeat these stories and/or retweet or repost them to Facebook without checking into them you are simply bearing false witness. Let’s do better as followers of Christ.

8. “When the ‘Creatives’ Move In, Must Rents Always Jump?” by Liza Featherstone

Another piece on the real failures of gentrification in a community. I dream with the author of a way that the “creatives” can move into a city and not harm the locals, but I am not sure anyone has yet figured out how that can happen. I’ve read about some of those difficulties in our own metro, particularly downtown Detroit.

9. “Four Lies About Introverts” by Amie Patrick

This piece is pretty self-explanatory, but it contains an honest perspective on something that is rarely addressed.

10. “42” a review by Shannon Houston

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but I agree with Houston’s review: in terms of a biopic 42 fails miserably. We don’t learn very much about Robinson himself. The success of the film is its representation of post-war racism. Houston reflects the distinction well in her review.

11. “Noah’s Ark or the Apocalypse for Kids” by Erin Newcomb

Newcomb writes a great piece on the ways in which we reinterpret and misrepresent the story of Noah’s Ark. It’s worth reading so that we can more accurately teach and instruct our children on this important Biblical story.

12. “Love Your Neighbors – Even the Muslim Ones” by Ed Stetzer

Stetzer does a great job of exposing the intellectually laziness of many who refuse to consider how the representations on TV may not actually reflect a people group. He compares the representations of Evangelicals in the media to the reality of Evangelicals we know and says that this is the same thing we do to our Muslim neighbors, many of whom are wonderfully nice, polite, and patriotic citizens of America. I love the balance that Stetzer brings to the table here.

13. “Interview with Eric Metaxas” by Daniel Darling

A nice little interview with the author/speaker, that addresses particularly the tension between courage and civility that is needed by Evangelicals in the public square.

14. “Modesty for God’s Glory” by Keri Folmar

I am often very dissatisfied with the discussion about “modesty” from within Evangelical circles. We often speak of it like it is solely a woman’s responsibility to present herself in a modest way, as if it has no bearing on men or a man’s lust, and solely in terms of clothing, devoid of context. In that regard Folmar presents a beautifully refreshing piece touching on modesty as the Bible does: as an issue of the heart.

15. “Preparing College Students for Graduation” by Kevin DeYoung

DeYoung gives us the “ABCs” of identifying the maturity of young college students graduating. He lists specifically Attitudes, Basics of Christian theology, and commitment to a local church. In this regard I am thankful for Revolution Church in Portsmouth, for their commitment to discipling college students to reach these three goals.

16. “Resistance in Counseling” by Ed Welch

Beyond the obvious option of hard-heartedness, Welch lists two other reasons that someone may choose not to heed Biblical counsel. In this piece he encourages counselors to consider their own culpability in a counselee’s failure.

17. “New Pope Denounces Profiteers” by Gregory Alan Thornbury

Thornbury comments on the new Pope’s most recent Mass, noting his mention of the horrors of Bangladesh. The piece identifies our own role in foreign slave labor and asks us to consider more carefully what the future will look like for those of us who love justice and particularly want to follow Jesus.

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