This Weeks Good Reads

morning paperIf you’re looking for something to read this weekend I would recommend any of these pieces that I found from around the web:

1) “Edith Schaeffer (1914-2013)” by Tim Challies

This is a beautiful little memorial of Edith Schaeffer who passed away just recently. Tim Challies’s mother reflects on her own personal memories of Edith.

2) “The Hipster’s Dilemma” by Robert Bruce

This is about far more than Hipsters.

3) “An Interview with Russell Moore: The New President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission” by Justin Taylor

I really think that Russ Moore is going to bring some healthy balance to Christian political thought, particularly among Baptists and Reformed folks. In this interview he outlines some of what that will look like in the ERLC.

4) “Discipleship…Catalyzed By Mission” by Brad Brisco

An interesting and thoughtful post from a church planting strategist on the relationship between discipleship and mission.

5) “Leadership Interview with Zane Pratt” by 9 Marks

This is an insightful audio piece with missiologist Zane Pratt, covering a host of subjects related to global missions today.

6) “The 10 Most Miserable Cities In America” by Julie Zeveloff

My neck of the woods, the Huntington-Ashland, WV/KY-OH, is the #2 most miserable area in the U.S. according to Business Insider. So, apparently I am leaving one miserable city for another.

7) “Why Only Baptized Christians Should Take Communion” by Brian Hedges

I am not sure that my brother and friend Brian makes as strong a case for this position as he thinks he does in the article, but I am certain that this is a subject worth considering, especially considering Paul’s strong words regarding taking communion in an unworthy manner.

8) “Meet the New Natural Barbie” by Elise Sole

I am no fan of Barbie. Here is a representation of the famous doll without make-up.

9) “Move Over, Nemo: Disney Announces Ellen-Powered “Finding Dory” Sequel” by Meriah Doty

My daughter is going to love this!

10) “Is Ministry Killing Your Marriage” by Bob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman, and Donald C. Guthrie

“The effects of ministry on marriage—and marriage on ministry—are rarely discussed, yet intimately connected.” This is a good reminder from Leadership Journal.

11) “Detroit Leads the Way on Place-Centered Revitalization” by Project for Public Spaces

As a soon-to-be new resident of the Motor City I appreciated this piece.

12) “God Raised Your Great Shepherd from the Dead” by John Piper

Listen to John Piper’s farewell sermon here.

13) “Frequently Searched Questions: Chick-Fil-A Dissertation” by Alan Noble

As usual Alan Noble nails it. This funny series from Christ and Pop Culture is a weekly favorite of mine.

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