This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperHere are some interesting pieces from around the web that I read this week:

1) “Revival in Germany Needs Biblical Theology” by Matthias Lohmann and Mike Clark

This piece highlights the importance of training in the discipline of Biblical theology for the future health of German Evangelicalism.

2) “The Simpsons Recreate Famous Photos” by Paul

I’ve always been a fan of the brilliant writing and creativity of The Simpsons. Here is a collection of photos that the cartoon imitated on the show over the years.

3) “Jim Gaffigan Is The King of (Clean) Comedy” by Don Steinberg

This is an insightful piece into the world of stand-up comedy, where avoiding curse words in your act makes it that much harder to be successful. Here the Wall Street Journal features comedian Jim Gaffigan, who has done just that.

4) “Behind the Blog: An Interview with Jerry Bridges” by Jonathan Parnell

It’s not really something to read, but here is a great interview with one of the most gifted authors. Jerry Bridges has written some of the most respected books on spirituality and Christian living in our contemporary setting. This is worth a listen.

5) “Shepherding a Church Through the Loss of a Shepherd” by Bob Johnson

Next month our family will be moving to Detroit to serve alongside a new faith family there. This piece from senior pastor Bob Johnson is a moving and beautiful demonstration of love and care. I consider it an honor to be going to serve alongside the staff and folks at Cornerstone Baptist Church.

6) “Notes from the Margins: The New Radicals Are Already Here” by D.L. Mayfield

This is a great piece on the concept of “radical Christianity,” which so many are writing about from varied perspectives. Here the author urges us to “lean into our feelings of guilt” which sometimes come from reading authors like David Platt, Francis Chan, et. al. I appreciated a great deal this perspective as a counter balance to the Matthew Paul Turner piece that Christianity Today ran.

7) “The Ten Best Simpsons Songs, As Picked by the Show’s Writers” by Al Jean

Some great musical numbers from the 24 year history of one of the greatest shows to ever run on television.

8) “Battling Discouragement as a Pastor’s Wife” by Amie Patrick

A fairly self-explanatory post, but which serves to make some great points. I’d encourage men to read it just as much as their wives. It’s important for husbands to be ready to assist their wives in the midst of their discouragement.

9) “Porn Has No One But Itself To Blame” by Tim Challies

The Porn industry is collapsing, but it’s not for good reasons.

10) “The Heretic” by Andrew Ferguson

Thomas Nagel is an atheist philosopher, and a heretic. But in this particular piece he’s not our heretic. Rather, because of the publication of his newest book The Mind and Cosmos, he is now a heretic to the Naturalist philosophical circles he once ruled. It’s fascinating to read this piece as it catalogs the reaction of his critics and their own blindness.

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