This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperIf you’re looking for something to read I would recommend these pieces:

1. “A Christian College Struggles to Define Itself” by Mark Oppenheimer

This piece about Cedarville University is not encouraging. It appears, at least from this NYTimes piece that the Trustees are fighting for a return to hyper Fundamentalism.

2. “Mario, shmario: 2013 is the Year of Luigi” by Chris Morris

Finally Mario’s brother gets some love.

3. “An Old Codger’s Unsolicited Advice to You Young Whippersnappers” by Dave Miller

A seasoned pastor gives some generally helpful advice to young men in ministry.

4. “Two Sacred Loves: The Complementary Clash of Lent and Valentine’s Day” by Erin Newcomb

This is a beautiful piece reflecting on what the two holidays might actually share.

5. “The Dangers of ‘Faking It’ in Ministry” by Kathy Keller

Tim Keller’s wife has written a helpful reminder to all of us everywhere that in ministry our own relationship with God is still the most important.

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