Most Popular Posts of 2012

mumford-sons03Here were the top five most popular posts of 2012:

1. Mumford and Sons Theology –> With the release of the new Mumfor & Sons album lots of people were asking the familiar question: does the band have Christian influences? I wrote a piece reflecting on the new album too, but this old post still received the most attention.

2. Exodus: Continuing The Story of Redemption –> I was very surprised by the response to this post. It was part of a series on the book of Exodus, a book I have spent a great deal of time studying and teaching. I am not sure why this one got as much attention as it did.

3. We’re (Not) Gonna Change the World –> I think most readers came to this post expecting something different. The addition of the “not” is key to this piece. It reflects on the humanitarian trend among younger Evangelicals and notes that while the desire is right the reality is that only Jesus can change the world. And while we work to point people to him and show his love, and bring healing, we know ultimately it is up to the King to bring the kingdom.

4. A Post-Legalists Judgmental Heart –> This was a piece picked up by The Gospel Coalition, which explains its attention. It reflects on the ways in which even the more progressive Christian community can be prone to legalism and judmentalism.

5. Cutting and Covenant: A Christological Look At The Abrahamic Covenant. –> Not sure why this piece got so much attention, but there seems to be a real interest in understanding what exactly happened in God’s covenant with Abraham. In this piece I reflect on how the covenant points to Jesus too.

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