This Weeks Good Reads

morning paperIf you’re looking for something to read you might enjoy one of these articles I found from around the web this week:

The Southern Ohio Pastors Coalition had a few great articles up this week, I also wrote an article for them:

1. “The Promise of a Way of Escape (Part 2)” by Brad Brandt

Dr. Brandt writes a wonderful piece here about what we can learn about God in the midst of our own temptations.

2. “Baptism By Flexibility” by Dave Dunham

Here is a piece arguing that a specific mode of baptism is not mandated by the New Testament, and therefore our churches ought to express flexibility in welcoming people into their fellowship from a wide array of backgrounds.

There are some other great articles from around the web worth reading too:

3. “On Stereotypes, Risks, and Jesus: Driscoll Interviews Piper” by Mark Driscoll

What a great chance to get an inside look on what John Piper has learned over 30 years of ministry.

4. “Thanks For Not Sharing” by Roger Cohen

Behind this rant about people oversharing is a worthwhile thought on “status anxiety” that our social media saturated culture has developed. Favorite Quote: The only antidote, the only means to push that status up again, it seems, is to keep sharing more and more. Here I am — the posts and tweets and pix say — a being not anonymous but alive. I overshare therefore I am.

5. “Tis the Season of the Tax Man” by Gregory Thornbury

I bet you didn’t know that raised taxes is a Christmas tradition.

6. “What ‘Shoot Christians Say” says About the Next Generation of Evangelicals” by Nick Rynerson

This thoughtful piece reflects on a comedic video about Christian lingo. The video is just funny, but Rynerson sees in it a lesson for Evangelicals about our speech. It’s worth reading.

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