This Week’s Good Reads

morning paperIf you’re looking for some interesting stuff to read over the weekend might I recommend one of these articles:

1) “The Promise of a Way of Escape (Part 1)” by Brad Brandt

The Southern Ohio Pastors Coalition features a great piece by a local pastor on how to be faithful to God in the midst of temptation, stress, and trial. Dr. Brandt is a great writer with a real eye towards practical application.

2) “Striving After Godliness Should Not Be So Controversial: A Response to the CT Reviews” by Kevin DeYoung

DeYoung responds here to one particular review of his book The Hole in Our Holiness, which I found fantastic. Generally DeYoung is shocked by Mark Galli’s critique of the book. I found DeYoung’s response helpful not just on the level of defending his book, but making a point about our pursuit of holiness.

3) “An NFL QB with Tattoos Shouldn’t Be All That Shocking” by Jarrett Bell

USA Today ran an opinion piece on the criticism of 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. Because of his tattoos some have suggested he doesn’t fit the part of NFL QB. In particular the author is criticizing the work of David Whitley for his racial profiling. This is a good piece that reminds us again that racism is everywhere. I should add too that even as a non-sports fan I recognize tattoos are pretty prevalent in the NFL and this seems like an asinine criticism.

4) “The Naked Racism of an Obama America” by Alan Noble

I didn’t feature this post on its first run, perhaps because I didn’t have time to read it. But in any case it is brilliant and timely! Noble synthesizes a number of sources and reveals that not only is American racism still a major problem, but Obama’s Presidency has exposed it. Noble points to a number of rather disgusting instances of prejudice, ignorance, and hatred and argues that we have a long way to go in being a post-racist society. Many of the worst stereotypes, memes, and tropes were repeated by Christians over this last political season. I hope that in reading this some of us will reconsider how we show love to our neighbors.

5) “Spurgeon’s Surprising Description of Trials” by Steve Fuller

Descriptions from Spurgeon’s own writings of how he viewed and understood his own suffering, trials, and pain. Very encouraging words from a 19th century celebrity pastor.

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