This Week’s Good Reads

Check out some of these articles that I enjoyed reading from around the web:

1. “How to Live Without Irony” by Christy Wampole

A fascinating piece from the Times asks whether or a lifestyle of irony is healthy for individuals and society, concluding ultimately that it is not. Wampole offers some self-evaluation that she believes our culture needs today. It’s a really good piece and calls for some healthy perspective.

2. “Girding the Mind to Guard Your Hope” by John Piper

A wonderful sermon manuscript from Piper on 1 Peter 1. He considers how the Truth guards our hope. Worth reading, friends (or you can listen to the audio of the sermon)

3. “The Hell-Raiser” by Tim Challies

Challies writes here about process of falling into moral and theological failure. It never happens suddenly and instantly, but over a long process of careless decisions or neglect. The piece is inspired by a New Yorker article on Rob Bell, but don’t let that detract from the value of the article as a whole. It’s not so much about Bell as is it is a warning for all of us about how easy it is for us to fall too.

4. “The Ghosts of Thanksgiving” by Brad Williams

A beautiful perspective from a Native American descendant on how to be thankful by reflecting on what “death and sin have stolen from us” and how Christ has promised to make all things new.

5. “Thy Myths of Thanksgiving” by Colin Hansen

Hansen suspects that you may know less about this holiday than you think. Here he provides some interesting audio with a respected American historian on the first Thanksgiving.

6. “A Blackened Friday” by David Dunham

An old piece that I wrote regarding the tragic death of an employee who was trampled to death on Black Friday back in 2008.

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