This Week’s Good Reads

Here are some wonderful articles from around the web that I enjoyed this week. You might find one you like in this list too.

1) “Certainty” by John M. Frame

Dr. Frame is one of my favorite theologian/philosophers. He is both brilliant and accessible, and that is a hallmark of this particular essay. Here Frame argues for a certainty rooted in God’s Word, alongside a personal humility. He addresses matters of both epistemic and psychological certainty. For the philosophically minded this is a great read, taken from the IVP Dictionary of Apologetics.

2) “Obama the Winner, Romney the Loser, Richard the Hypocrite, and Ben the Cynic” by Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett

This was a good, thoughtful, and funny discussion about the voting process, partisan politics, and the future of America.

3) “Beck Acts as a Bridge Between Romney and Evangelical Christians” by Amy Chozick

It’s a bit late, but here is an interesting article investigating how Evangelicals feel about a Mormon President and the role that Glen Beck has played in making Romney palatable to conservative protestants. As one who doesn’t like Beck, and since Romney lost, the article has lost its value some, but it’s at least interesting sociologically speaking.

4) “Buzz Words” by Richard Clark

This is a wonderful article by Richard Clark about the impulse to use coarse language, and the sometimes helpful limits we put on ourselves to guard our speech. It’s funny, winsome, and thoughtful. I commend it to you. Though I should warn you that it does use vulgar language in an illustrative manner.

5) “When Biography Shapes Theology” by Gregory Alan Thornbury

Dr. Thornbury is one of my favorite contemporary theologians. In this thoughtful article he discusses how testimonies are both a good and bad thing for the Evangelical community.

6) “The Myths of Faith Healing” by Larry Keefauver

In preparation for my Systematic Theology class on the spiritual gifts I stumbled upon this article from 2009. It’s a great defense against the “faith-healing movement” by a confirmed continuationist.

7) “As Biblical as Apple Pie: Rachel Held Evans’ A Year of Biblical Womanhoodby Carissa Smith

A fantastic review of RHE’s new book that essentially finds it full of more stunts than serious wrestling with Scripture. She discusses the nature of the genre, the hermeneutic used, and the weaknesses of the overall approach in a way that is fair, but which ultimately finds the book unsatisfactory.

8) “Controversy and Interpretation: A Review of “Biblical Womanhood” by Matthew Lee Anderson

Another incredibly fair and gracious review of Rachel Held Evans’ book. In this one Anderson offers some thoughts on the helpfulness of the book, something conservative reviewers have not done at all. Anderson adds that the fact that there is an “and yet” part to his review makes him sad. This is a review worth reading.

9) “Arthur Levine Discusses the New Generation of College Students” by Tamar Lewin

A fascinating discussion about trends, personalities, and values of today’s college students. The work is based on years of sociological and psychological research, it’s worth the time of anyone involved in college ministry.

10) “The Prerequisite of the Common Good” by Jim Wallis

I don’t agree with all that Wallis writes about here, but I do think his perspective on the changing face of Evangelical politics is right, and in some ways I think it’s good. The GOP lost in a lot of ways because it was unable to connect with the young generation and with minorities. If a party tends to favor only the wealthy majority, then that means something is probably askew, and as Christians that should make us at least cautious about our party affiliations. Wallis offers an interesting take on the ideal of the common good as the new foundation for younger Evangelical politics.

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