This Week’s Good Reads

Here are some posts and articles from around the web that I enjoyed this week:

1) “Becoming a Slave Again to Edifying Habits” by Alan Noble

Alan Noble believes we may have found a new form of legalism in our libertarianism.

2) “A Year of Biblical Womanhood: A Review” by Kathy Keller

Keller read the book and did not like it. She suggests that RHE misrepresents the commonly held Evangelical hermeneutic and creates, not only a terrible book, but a dangerous one.

3. “Feminine Appeal: You Don’t Have To Be A Sexy Crayon For Halloween” by Faith Newport and Erin Straza

Two female writers at CAPC let us in on their discussion about the sexualization of everything at Halloween.

4. “Why Zombies Matter” by Russell Moore

Moore goes the standard route of arguing that Zombies point to our spiritual state apart from Christ. It’s been done, but it’s still worth reading.

5. “Balancing Acts” by Tim Keller and Andy Stanley

Two different pastors in two different contexts talk about how to do ministry right.

6. “Don’t Vote: An Alternative to American Politics” Nick Ryerson

Ryerson gives voice to many of my thoughts this political season.

7. “Crisis of Faith Statements” by Melissa Stefan

Christianity Today explores a common problem that Cedarville University is having with faculty and staff who do not conform to the institution’s  statement of faith.

8. “The Elephant in the Church” by Fred Antonelli

Is there a double standard for leaders in sin?

9. “The Power of Complements and Egalitarians” by Alan Noble

Noble offers an alternative way of thinking about power within the various gender-role-perspectives within Evangelicalism.

10. “What We Can Learn About Preaching From ‘Parks And Recreation’ ” by Russell Moore

Moore argues that it is easy for us to preach in  a way that merely reinforces the opinions and views who already agree with us.

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