This Week’s Good Reads

Here’s what I enjoyed reading this week, maybe you will too:

1. “I Love The Way You Hold Your Gadget” by Jim Nelson

Nelson, Editor in Chief at GQ, has a funny and insightful piece on the impact of technology on our personal experiences and relationships.

2.”How to End the End of Men” by Richard Whitmire

Picking up on a trend among sociologist Whitmire offers a counterpoint to to female authors. He argues that when we understand the actual origins of why men are failing in school and adrift in life we can fix the problem.

3. “2016: Dinesh D’Souza’s Misguided Film” by R.R. Reno

First Things takes on D’Souza’s very controversial film. It’s a good review from what sounds like a ridiculous movie.

4. “Rachel Held Evans Living Biblically?” by Brad Williams

Brad asks a good question of this new book: why is Rachel the only women who thinks living Biblically involves these silly ideas. Williams wonders if she should have spent a year studying hermeneutics before she started this project. It’s a fair question.

5. “Dilemma for D.C. Stations: So Many Political Ads, So Little Airtimes” by Paul Farhi

I can’t believe that they stopped showing reruns of The Simpsons so that they could show more political ads!

6. “Porn-Free Church: Sex, God, and the Gospel” by Tim Chester

Chester has written a number of helpful resources on pornography, here he writes about cultivating a church community that helps destroy secret sins. It’s actually part of a free e-book that Chester has written in partner with Covenant Eyes. Check out the article and then go download the book.

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