This Week’s Good Reads

Here are some posts and articles I enjoyed reading this week, check them out:

1) “Should A Christian Watch The Walking Dead” by Matt Rawlings

My colleague and friend Pastor Matt and I don’t agree on much when it comes to culture, but we agree on the quality of the television drama The Walking Dead. Though the premier has already come and gone, and was amazing, here Pastor Matt defends his decision to watch the show. He concludes that the show asks some very important questions about life and humanity, I agree.

2) “How Mumford Stays True”  by Nick Rynerson

An interesting look at the authenticity of Mumford & Son, a middle-class british quartet who play Americana. Rynerson looks at the ways in which narratives shape our identities and how we should react to those who from different cultural perspectives adopt our narratives. A good read for fans of the band.

3) “Was America Ever a Christian Nation?” by Drew Dixon

The answer is “no.” I agree with the view represented here, particularly by credible Christian scholars of American history. Let the nasty comments commence.

4) “Between Two Worlds: An Interview with John R.W. Stott” by R. Albert Mohler

This archived interview from 2011 is a real delight to read. Since I was teaching on preaching this week in our Free Seminary class I wanted to point my students towards a useful resource and Stott’s book on preaching, which this interview is about, is wonderful.

5) “Urban Parenthood 3: Exposure” by Brittany Nye

This is a wonderful piece about the difficulty of raising children in a context in which they are exposed to all sorts of public sin. Here the author discusses how she and her husband are using this reality to teach their girls about sin and redemption. It’s an encouraging and helpful read, friends.

6) “Creator Brings “MacGyver” into the 21st Century” by Brian Truitt

A new comic book from Image studios brings the hero back to life. It’s even got the original creator Lee David Zlotoff co-writing the issues. Enjoy!

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