This Week’s Good Reads

Looking for something interesting to read? Check out one of these articles I read this last week:

1) “Why Biola University is Suing the Federal Government” by Barry H. Corey

President of Biola University explains why they are suing over HHS Mandate. He argues that the redefinition of religious protection which does not define Biola as religious enough is a dangerous path for our nation to head down.

2) “What is Morality Other than Harm” by Collin Hansen

This thoughtful video where Al Mohler, Tim Keller, and Collin Hansen discuss how morality should be applied at the national level. They have a great discussion regarding the essence of morality that is worth listening to.

3) “Top 200 Church Blogs” by Fellowship One

This is a great list of compelling and diverse Christian blogs. They are not all equal, so don’t regard everything you see on this list as quality. But they are the top leading websites in the Christian blogosphere. Christ and Pop Culture, the site I helped to found and wrote for was placed at #95. Congrats guys, you do great work!

4) “Traditionalism” by John Frame

A great warning on the danger of traditionalism. Here Frame argues that the trend in Evangelical Reformed circles is to answer questions with references to historical theology first and foremost. His solution, not surprisingly, is a return to Sola Scriptura! A worthy read, friends.

5) “When We Are Worn Out” by Zack Eswine

Here Dr. Eswine proposes some helpful avenues to pursue as we investigate our own hearts and the root of our present weariness.

6) “The Key to Any Effective Ministry” by David Dunham

A shameless plug for an article I wrote about our church for The Gospel Coalition.

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