This Week’s Good Reads

Check out some of these reads this week:

1) “Discipling When You Need To Be Discipled” by Erin Wheeler

A dear sweet friend of our family’s writes this beautiful piece about discipling others even when you don’t feel up to the task. It’s a great encouragement and you should definitely read it.

2) “Seven Things Christians Need To Remember About Politics” by Bryan Roberts

A helpful list of reminders for Christians involved in the political system. It’s not okay for Christians to put their obedience to Jesus on the shelf while they play the political game.

3) “The Brooklyn Nets reveal their new, herringbone-patterned home court” by Dan Devine

I know, I know…why am I posting about sports when I rarely watch them. I don’t have an answer for that really…I guess because I like Brooklyn (the city) and herringbone.

4) “Kingdom Through Covenant: A Review by Darrell Bock” by Darrell Bock

Here is an interesting review of the new work from Gentry and Wellum. It suggest the authors have not sufficiently dealt with the primary texts of Dispensationalist theology. Ultimately I don’t agree with Bock’s theology, but as a convinced Covenantal theologian I don’t suspect I agree with my former professors Wellum and Gentry either. I look forward to reading the book, but in the meantime this is an interesting discussion to follow.

5) “Kingdom Through Covenant: A Review by Douglas Moo” by Douglas Moo

Here is New Testament scholar Doug Moo’s beautiful and gracious critique of Gentry and Wellum’s new book. Essentially Moo’s criticism is a lack of thorough New Testament exegetical development for support, and a critique of the author’s tendency to follow rabbit trails. It’s worth reading for no other reason then that it shows us how to disagree with kindness and appreciation.

6) “7 Negative Effects of Porn” by Craig Gross

As if you need more reasons not to view porn!

7) “The Anti-Conan” by Carl Trueman

Trueman remains insistent, despite pressure from his peers, that Complimentarianism is not a gospel issue. I really appreciate that commitment, even as a self-proclaimed complimentarian.

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