This Week’s Good Reads

Read some of these articles that I found interesting:

1) “Confused by Complementarianism? You Probably Should Be” by Carl Trueman

As a convinced complimentarian I nonetheless find myself often frustrated by complimentarians. Here is an interesting perspective from Carl Trueman on the significance (or sometimes overstated significance) of this issue.

2) “How (Not) to Be Worldly: Tracing The Borders of the ‘Earthly City'” by Carl Trueman

This piece by James K.A. Smith is calling us to revist the Augustinian concept of the “Earthly city” and particularly from Richard Mouw’s cultural engagement perspective. The idea seems at the foundation of Christianity Today’s whole “This Is Our City” movement. I like the idea.

3) “The Best 10 Tim Burton Movies (So Far)” by Tyler Kane

I love Burton’s films and love this list, though I would arrange them differently. I would have put Sweeney Todd farther up the list.

4) “The Revolution Mission” by Matt Rawlings

August marked the 4th Anniversary of Revolution Church. Here Pastor Matt talks about where we’ve been and what we are about. I love my church and am glad to be serving alongside a churchthat sees our mission to communicate the gospel in our city so clearly.

5) “22 Steps that Lead to Adultery” by Porn Freedom

A helpful, concise, and honest list about the steps people take that lead them to adultery.

6) “Paul Ryan, A Wake-Up Call for Gen Xers” by Alex Williams

An interesting look at the rise of the first Gen Xer to find a seat on the national ticket. Interviews with various Gen Xers and questions about Ryan’s Xer-worthiness abound.

7) “Coffee Good for You, But It’s Okay to Hold Back” by Elizabeth Landau

I already knew coffee was good for me…whatever CNN

8) “A Word to My Calvinist Friends” by Trevin Wax

This author is very tired of condescending Calvinism, or elitist Calvinism as Ed Stetzer calls it…so am I.

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