This Week’s Good Reads

1) “Page Names Advisory Team on Calvinism” by Michael Foust

Calvinism within the SBC has increasingly become a major topic of discussion among its members. Frank Page, Executive Committee Presdient, has commissioned an advisory team to help in developing a strategic plan for bringing two sides of the debate together for further work within the Convention. After seeing the list of advisors I agree with Tim Challies who said he would love to sit in on those meetings.

2) “The Top 50 Underrated Films of the 90s” by Den of Geek

Thanks to Pastor Matt for pointing me in the direction of this. There’s some real truth to the list, though there are plenty of films on the list that I still hate!

3) “12 Things Killer Employees Always Finish Before Noon” by Jada A. Graves

I am not a morning person, maybe I need to start applying this list to my life.

4) “John Frame’s Advice: 30 Suggestions for Theological Students and Young Theologians” by Andy Naselli

I love John Frame’s humility, humor, and graciousness alongside his erudite writing. In this excerpt from the massive festschrift honor Dr. Frame, we get his personal advice to young theologians. I will need to read this frequently I am certain.

5) “Ten Things About Church You Shoudl Know (But No One Had the Guts To Tell You)” by Kevin DeYoung

This hillarious list of grammatical errors commonly found in Bulletins is worth reading for a quick laugh. It’s also informative and possibly helpful, since most of us have seen these mistakes routinely in our churches.

6) “Responding to Pat Robertson’s Strange Adoption Comments” by Jason Morehead

Christ and Pop Culture has collected some of the response to Robertson’s absurd (if not intentional) comments about adoption. Quoting several different authors, and providing a few perspectives this is a good article to check out. Ultimately, Morehead concludes that whatever Robertson intended to say, his continual inability to speak carefully and with grace reveals his need to exit the public stage. I couldn’t agree more.

7) “Paul Ryan: The Man with a Plan” by Ben Bartlett

I haven’t made up my own mind on who I am voting for just yet. I have a disdain for both candidates, but I really do appreciate this perspective from Ben Bartlett. It’s not an endorsement of Paul Ryan, but rather an appreciate for a stage in political life where the creative types, and not just the critics, are get attention. I like that too. Check out the article.

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