This Week’s Good Reads

Coming back from vacation meant I didn’t have a lot of time to do extra reading and extra work, so my list this week is short. But check out these three selections this week:

1) “If The Rule You Followed Brought You To This, Of What use Was the Rule?” by Zetland

This blog about the meaning and significance of the film No Country for Old Men is very interesting. As a fan of both the film and the book I really enjoyed this author’s analysis, though I don’t agree with his final conclusion. Still, as this is easily one of my top five greatest films of all time I love to read think on it, and this is a great piece. Read and enjoy.

2) “Which Professions Drink the Most Coffee” by Emma Hutchings

Pastor didn’t make the list, but I’ll take my place as professor at #8.

3) “The Role of the Seminary in the World Today” by Justin Taylor

Okay, it’s not really reading material, but this great video from Christ the Center features Peter Lilliback, President of Westminster Theological Seminary, and R. Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, discussing the role of the seminary today. Both have experienced some controversy in their presidencies and they discuss that as well. Worth a listen if you have 45 minutes to kill.


  1. Hey Dave. Thanks for the recommendation. Although it gets me wondering, which part of the final conclusion did you disagree with? I don’t mean to ask in hostile way, I’m just curious.

    • Pastor Dave Online says:

      I suppose I should have been more conservative in my expression. I don’t think I “disagree” so much as I need to consider it more. This is the conclusion I was thinking about:

      That, although it seems to be discussing something particularly profound, it is actually ‘a tale told by an idiot’ – a jumbled mess of happenings which cause you to look for a kind of depth which, on greater inspection, simply isn’t there.

      In either case, wonderful analysis, man. Really loved it.

      • Ah, no, that was my fault. I paraphrased you badly. Glad you enjoyed it anyway. My latest blog’s on screenwriting tips and exposition, if that’s something you’re into. I know a lot of the WordPress bloggers are also into creative writing.

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