This Week’s Good Reads

Here were some excellent articles that I found around the web:

1) “Towards Freedom of Religion, For Everyone” by Brad Williams

Brad Williams writes, “If you only believe in the freedom of religion for yourself and those who think like you, then you do not believe in the freedom of religion.” An important word of consideration as we come pass the celebration of our country’s birth and freedoms.

2) “Church of Scientology asks followers to Censor Web Comments” by Jeff Stacklin

This interesting piece gives us an inside glimpse at how the Church of Scientology is trying to control their members and propaganda about the religious group. It all revolves around the divorce between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, which is weird. It is also interesting to read about the celebrity defections. But Christians should be careful about mocking this or pointing to it as evidence of the falsity of the religion…because some times we do things this stupid too. Scientology is false for a whole other set of reasons, this is just silly.

3) “5 Critical Steps If Your Child Is Hooked on Porn” by Sherry Allchin

This is such a practical tool for parents who find out that their child is looking at pornography. Simple, concise, and yet cautious and Biblical. Read whether your kid is 2, 12, or 20.

4) “About Love or Why I Hate Attraction” by Ed Welch

Biblical Counselor, Ed Welch gives us a new model for love. This is such a useful article that I have used it in some of my own counseling sessions. I think it should be required reading for all young couples.

5) “The New Sexual identity Crisis” by Jeff Buchanan

What’s in a label? Jeff Buchanan argues that labels that reduce our personhood to our actions or desires distorts our identity. In addition he argues that the Christian should be identified by their relationships to Christ, not by their sexual orientation. This is a helpful and thoughtful piece by someone who has both struggled with homosexuality and who has counseled countless people struggling with it.

6) “Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale” by Josh Jackson

I enjoy a beer every now and again, but this just sounds weird. Jackson tasted it and confirmed it was odd. I bet Pastor Matt will be sold, though, simply because it’s bacon and it’s beer.

7) “How Christianity, for a while, became cool” by Gene Edward Veith

The Hippie in me loves this post about how secular musicians adopted religious and gospel themes in their music sparking a revival among young men and women in the 1970s. Veith quotes extensively from Philip Jenkins, and zeroes in on the Byrds.

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