This Week’s Good Reads

If you’re looking for something good to read, you might try out one of these articles:

1) “Recommended Reading: The Summer Reading List for 2012” by Al Mohler

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President reads more books in a year that most people will in a lifetime. Here he posts his reading list for the summer, and there’s not a single theological book on the list! Check it out.

2) “How To Respond to the Video Game Crisis” by Richard Clark

I don’t play many video games, but when I do I always read Rich Clark first. Here Rich has written a piece for The Gospel Coalition that addresses the newest research regarding the dangers of video game consumption. His argument isn’t particularly new, but it is helpful and in hopes of warding off legalism I recommend reading it whether you play games or not.

3) “God Desires All To Be Saved, and Grants Repentance To Some” by John Piper

In this short reflection Piper looks at two passages of Scripture and tries to understand how it is that God’s desire for all to be saved relates tot he reality that only some are saved. His reflection is thoughtful, based in Scripture, and worth checking out. In lieu of a good, healthy, discussion my Free Seminary class had this week on this very subject I thought it interesting that I stumbled on to this article, so I am sharing.

4) “Rev. Fred Luter Jr. To Be Southern Baptists First Black President” by Travis Loller

This is a beautifully written story on a remarkable man and a historic event happening in just a few short weeks. This is one article that makes me wish I was still a Southern Baptist.

5) “Learning At Jesus’ Feet: A Case for Seminary Training” by John Frame

This helpful article answers a number of objections that people have for not going to seminary. I agree with many of my fellow seminary graduates that the system is in some areas deeply flawed. I agree that seminary gradutes need more help translating their academic knowledge into real life ministry tools. But I do not agree with some that seminary is, therefore, useless. I think Frame gives us some great reasons and encouragements for why ALL Christians should check out the seminary option for themselves.

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