This Week’s Good Reads

Interesting stuff to read from around the web this weekend:

1) “Statement on Calvinism Draws Approval, Criticism” by Michael Foust

This article explains that a faction within the Southern Baptist Convention wrote up their own document affirming their convictions about salvation and denying those of the Calvinist persuasion. The document itself is a reminder to me of why I am glad I am no longer part of the SBC. The article is purely informative, it’s really more sad than interesting that such a divisive document has been written, but because of my past connections to the SBC I am probably going to keep an eye on this discussion.

2) “What Sonic The Hedgehog Is Doing Now” by Leigh Alexander

I still can’t help but laugh at this witty, imaginative fiction that features Sonic, post-fame, living in a humble apartment watching bad daytime television and brooding over his decline from stardome.

3) “mewithoutyou and Why We Should Tell More Stories” by Luke Larsen

Larsen uses the newest mewithoutyou album to spring-board into a thoughtful reflection about how Christians can create better art that communicates Biblical truth. I like where his head is at. Check it out.

4) “The GQ Guide to Men’s Ties

Don’t call me a  Fundy, but I do love a good neck tie. It’s all about how you wear it though, so I enjoyed this read, with slide show, from GQ. Check it out gents.

5) “How Jesus Made Disciples” by Winfield Bevins

Bevins gives us a quick run down of the methodology of Jesus. The article is really a condensed version of Robert Coleman’s helpful little book The Master Plan of Evangelism, but it’s worth reading and implementing. The book itself has been incredibly helpful to me and I have been using its strategy effectively with our young men at Revolution, the article is worth reading to refresh yourself or introduce you to the book’s content.

6) “Food Trucks in Paris? U.S. Cuisine Finds Open Minds, and Mouths” by Julia Moskin

A fascinating look at a new trend in Paris, American-style food trucks. The Parisians are notoriously picky about their food, and have often been highly suspect of American cuisine, but some have found a market for it. They call it “Tres Brooklyn,” and while it’s interesting to read about I could never imagine paying $35 for a hamburger.

7) “Interview: Preach” by John Starke

In this helpful interview TGC editor John Starke asks my former pastor Greg Gilbert some questions about both his new book Preach (co-authored with Mark Dever) and some practical questions about the process of preparing and preaching sermons. There’s some good tips here from a good preacher.

8) “Southern Baptists, I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Zion Anymore” by Trevin Wax

While I am not still a Southern Baptist, I love these thoughts and encouragements from Trevin Wax, no doubt in light of the controversy over Calvinism in the SBC. His words, though directed towards Christians in the SBC are good for us all.

9) “A New Paradigm for Christian Politics” by Ben Bartlett

An old article from Ben Bartlett asks Christian to stop being one-issue-voters and think about which candidates will be the best over-all administrators. It’s a thoughtful piece. I agree with much in it, even if I still struggle with some of the content. The questions and answers are as equally engaging and thoughtful as the piece itself. Here’s a great quote: Christians need to stop pretending that a foolish administrator who agrees with their moral system is the best thing for society.  Instead, they should use their votes to support someone who will make the legal order stronger and wiser, so that there is a safer environment in which to address societal ills.

10) “5 Signs You’re Spiritually Dead” by Mark Driscoll

Driscoll gives us a thoughtful list for contemplating spiritual decay in us or in our churches.

11) “Masculinity or Maturity” by David Dunham

A shameless plug for my article at Relevant Magazine. Maybe it’s not “shameless”…I do feel a little bad about urging you to read it.

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