Next Week

Here’s what’s coming up next week at Pastor Dave Online, be sure to check back:

1) A review of The Intolerance of Tolerance by D.A. Carson

This is more than just an erudite sociological study on shifting semantics. It is an explication of our culture’s intellectual landscape and current value system. A worthy read in my opinion.

2) On The Run from God

I am beginning a closer look at the text of Jonah this week. By breaking the book down into key parts of the narrative we can grasp a better picture of the over-all theology. Here we begin by examining the prophet and his relationship to God.

3) Saved By The Whale

God’s grace abounds in peculiar ways sometimes. Here we examine what transpired in the belly of the fish (not necessarily a whale) that led to Jonah’s repentance.

4) The Repentant Metropolis

Finally we will look at the message Jonah declared to Nineveh and the response of the city.

Also check back for more Hipster Hymns and more This is My Father’s World.

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