Next Week

Here’s what I am writing about next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1) A review of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The first half of this book is filled with brilliant insights into fighting through creative road blocks, and avoiding the traps that prevent us from fulfilling goals. The second half of the book is lost in some New Age religious non-sense.

2) Liberty or Licence: Reflections on The Boundaries

How are we to determine if something is sinful or not. How are we to understand what’s Christian liberty and what’s sinful licence? We’ll talk about that next week.

3) Liberty or Licence: Reflections on a Theology of Art

I am not able at this point to give a full-blown theology of art, but I’d like to give some reflections on the subject. I think better understanding art will help us to avoid some of the arbitrary standards for art.

4) Liberty or Licence: The Issue of Conscience and the Glory of God

In any discussion of the subject of Christian liberty our own conscience and the glory of God must always be considered. These are chief concerns and so we want to spend some time, as I wrap up this mini-series, thinking about these issues.

5) Membership Interview: Alisha Smoke

I’ll be continuing my interview of Revolution church members next week. Looking forward to hearing from Alisha and so should you.

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